Why invest in farmland

Step 1

Pick a farm to invest in

Start by choosing a farm that suits your interests (e.g. farm type, impact, location, size and risk profile). Decide on how much to invest, from €500 up to whatever is left to fully fund the campaign.

Step 2

Register & pay

Register or login to your account. Your investment will be securely transferred to an e-wallet and kept there until the campaign is fully funded.  Our wallets are managed by our payment processor, Stripe.

Step 3

Wait until the funding goal has been hit

Once the funding goal has been reached, your investment is transferred to the farming partner. If the goal is not reached, your money stays in your e-wallet and can be reinvested or withdrawn.

Step 4

The farmer can now start the farming project

The farmer now has the funds to implement the project described in his campaign. You can follow the advancement and results of the project directly via your investment page.

Step 5

Return of your investment

You will receive loan repayments  (for debt offers) and annual lease payments (for land offers). The selling of land investments can be managed through your account.

Step 6

Reinvest or withdraw

All repayments will go directly into your wallet. You can then decide to reinvest in other campaigns or withdraw your money.

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