Invest in land with as little as €200.

Empower farmers. 

Make returns.

Why invest in farmland?

Low Risk

Farmland is a highly durable physical asset. It also resists well in period of inflation and recession. 

Strong Returns

In Europe, farmland has seen its value increase by 10% -13% every year over the last 10 years.


A growing global population and a decrease in farmland supply secures a long-term demand for this ressource.

Prof. Dr. sc. agr. Katharina Helming
Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)

Farmland is the foundation of our food production. That's why we are committed to the sustainable use of this scarce and valuable resource. Together with our experts from research and agricultural practice, we are working on approaches and solutions for future-oriented agriculture that improve soil productivity while minimizing harmful effects on climate, soil, water, air, biodiversity and human health. Every investment on our platform meets clear sustainability criteria.

How it works


Invest in a farmland offer

Pick an investment campaign you like and start investing with as little as  200.


A farmer leases your land

We have already selected a farmer who is ready to operate your land on a long-term basis.


Get regular cash returns

As an investor, you will get steady lease returns based on a long-term lease agreement.

Our open investments

Brandenburg, Germany

ca. 7.2% P.A.

expected total return


Brandenburg, Germany

ca. 7.7% P.A.

expected total return



What our customers say

"I invested in the past in farmland funds because it generates solid and stable returns. Direct investments is definitely something very interesting to me"


Adrian, Investor

"To be honest, I never heard about farmland investments before a friend of mine showed me this platform. Everything was clear and straightforward"


Marina, Entrepreneur

"I never considered farmland before as the investments tickets were too high. Here I really like I can invest any amount"


Dawid, Investor

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